Hard skin? Ragged nails? Overgrown cuticles? Bare naked nails? - Don't let this be the lasting image of your feet!

Feet are often the last part of the body to be considered in the beauty regime.

But no matter how good your hair looks, or how beautiful your dress is, neglected feet will totally spoil the otherwise groomed image.

They work so hard for you every second of your life. Every time your foot strikes the floor it is bearing two and a half times your body weight. Eek!

Treat your feet today, let us make them as beautiful as the rest of you.

Bio Sculpture Toes

Bio Sculpture gel works just as beautifully on toes as it does on nails. Long lasting and hard wearing this gel is cured under UV light so they are dry and ready to go as soon as you leave the salon.

No more wearing flip-flops in the snow on your way back to the car!


Shellac Toes

Shellac power polish is thin, shiny, long-lasting on toes, dry straightaway and easy to remove - what more can you ask for?

Come in and let us work the magic of Shellac on your feet.

Swarovski Crystal Toes

Genuine Swarovski rose-cut crystals set in Bio Sculpture gel and covering the entire nail plate on all toes.

Be prepared for total strangers to stop you in the street and gasp with admiration. Really!

Just be careful you don't fall over as you walk down the road mesmerised by your own feet.

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Rockstar Toes

Rockstar is a technique which encapsulates glitter within Shellac, so you get all the glitz and sparkle without any of the downtime waiting for it to dry.

Love having glitter polish but gosh, you remember how long it takes to remove it? Oh, the pain of it.

With the Rockstar technique this is no longer a problem as it is removed in exactly the same way that Shellac is removed.

Long lasting and hard-wearing on toes.

Callus Peel

Dry, cracked, heels, and balls of the feet, are unattractive and sometimes painful, they are made worse by going barefoot or wearing open-backed shoes or flip-flops.

Which we all love to do in the Summer.

The longer we leave them, the worse this condition will become.

And the more difficult it will be for normal moisturisers to have any affect whatsoever on the thickened skin.

If you want your heels to be talked about for the right reasons book yourself in for a Callus Peel treatment.

Removals and Add-ons

Shellac, Bio Sculpture, Rockstar, Crystal

Treatment Price
Bio Sculpture Toes

Cool Blue cleanser, cuticles, file, gel overlays, solar oil.

Shellac Toes

Cool Blue cleanser, cuticles, cut, file, Shellac application, Solar oil

Swarovski Crystal Toes

Cool Blue cleanser, cuticles, cut, file, Crystal application, Solar oil

Rockstar Toes

Cool Blue cleanser, cuticles, cut, file, Rockstar application, Solar oil.

Callus Peel

We apply a skin softening patch soaked in AHA's onto the heels and balls of feet and wrap in clingfilm.

After 10 minutes the patch is removed and the softened callus can be scraped away.

The feet are then polished with a foot file and finished off with a moisturiser.

Removal Prior to Re-Application
Removal and Tidy
Add-on Callus Peel (add to any 'Toes' treatments))
Add-on Mini Pedi

As an addon to any foot service. Hard skin removal and moisturize feet with mini massage

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