Facial & Body Waxing

Shaving is not for ladies ;-)

The are many benefits to waxing instead of shaving. The skin is smoother and softer; No damage to your skin; Hair will become softer and finer; Waxing exfoliates the skin removing dead skin cells; Hair growth will eventually slow down.

Before you come into the salon

We will be as clean and fresh as a daisy for our clients and we ask that you present yourselves to us in the same condition.

Ensure hair is at least four weeks from the last time you shaved.

You may wish to take a couple of painkillers 20 minutes before coming for your appointment.

Important information

It is unlikely that your first wax will provide the best result, this will come after wax number 3 or 4. It will take this long for the hair growth to regulate itself and start coming through all together.

In order to receive the most from your waxing we ask you to refrain from shaving in-between waxes. This will disrupt the hair growth and it will take time for the hair to regulate itself again.

Hot wax option

We use Outback Organics warm/strip wax for all body waxing but are happy to offer hot wax for an added fee of 50% to the listed price. We use Kim Lawless hot wax which is one of the most advanced and superior waxes currently available.

Hot wax adheres only to the hair NOT the skin, this means no trauma to the skin and no broken hairs. Ever. You won't regret this choice!


For 24 hours after your wax please avoid hot baths and showers; sunshine, sunbeds and saunas; swimming pools; spray tans; the gym/sport; tight clothing.


Unsightly and unwanted :-(

Exfoliate 2 days after waxing using an exfoliating cloth and liquid soap and continue to exfoliate a couple of times a week.

If you are too much of an exfoliating ruffian you can actually cause ingrown hairs - be gentle, you are not scrubbing a mat ;-)

If you are still suffering, we sell a great product which will take care of the problem.

Treatment Price
Nostrils - Hot Wax
Ears - Hot Wax
Lip - Hot Wax
Chin - Hot Wax
Sideburns - Hot Wax
Neck - Hot Wax
Face - Lip Chin Neck Sideburns
Nipples - Hot Wax
Garden Path (navel line)
Small of Back
Full Arm inc Hands
Half Arm inc Hands
Under Arm - Hot Wax
Full Leg inc Toes
Back of Thighs
1/2 Leg Upper
1/2 Leg Lower inc Toes
Feet and Toes
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