Had many appointments with jacqueline but due to my stupidly forgot to book my next appointment so had to go somewhere else which was a big mistake luckily got a appointment with jacqueline straight after she done a amazing job of getting over the other therapists work she is definitely the best out there


Second time I’ve been fantastic service certainly won’t go anywhere else for waxing


Jacqui certainly knows her job ill certainly be going back


Jacqui made me feel completely at ease (not easy when you’re on all fours and your nether regions are exposed!) and gave me a virtually painless wax which I’m really happy with-so thorough! She is so friendly, professional and kind. I’ll definitely be back to her lovely salon and am so pleased that I found her on Google! Thank you so much Jacqui, I’ll be recommending you to everyone! Xx


First time at the hands of Jacqui, and will now become a regular experience. Very professional and at ease within seconds. She has a very calming personality which she seems to filter through to the wax removal which was completely pain free.

If you are a bloke and wanted to get the perfect grooming ‘down there’, but have had reservations, then make an appointment with Jacqui. You will become an instant returning customer.


Well what started out as a one off experience in preparation for a fancy dress event has now become a quite regular occurrence! Today was my third salon appointment and I must admit that I actually look forward to them. Much preferring the longer lasting results and smoother feel of the waxing process over my previous attempts at shaving!

I find that Jacqui is such a pleasant lady that I don’t bat an eyelid before stripping off my clothes and adopting the somewhat unusual position on the heated table in readiness for the first part of the session. And then when it’s time to turn over and you lie there making conversation in order not to let your thoughts focus on the fact that a pretty lady is manouvering your crown jewels with one hand … whilst she prepares to suddenly rip out your hairs by the roots with the other!!

The overall procedure has become just as natural as visiting the barbers except at the end of the process rather than being asked if you’d like some gel in it sir! – your actually asked if you would like some Sudocrem on it!! Lol – Roll on the next time.


Had my second ever boxer shorts waxing today. Jaqueline made me feel as relaxed as ever and made it painless pretty much. She was professional and thorough making sure it was the perfect finish. Listen to what she says about no exercises of any sorts after the waxing, this lady is an expert trust me. What are you waiting for gents, get booked in ASAP X


It was my first ever waxing at the age of 60! My reluctance to try was due to embarrassment of what might happen and the thought of how painful it could be. Jacqui was so professional and made me less anxious by explaining exactly the steps she would take, the waxing was at all painful and she was helpful with explaining what to do/not do over the next few days. Highly recommend, Ian


Jacqueline was brilliant, so professional, relaxing and had a great sense of humour throughout. First time in 45 years I’ve been waxed should of gone to her years ago for a sack and crack wax. Can’t recommend her enough what are you waiting for gents, get yourself booked in. C


I must admit that I had never considered visiting a beauty salon. Opting instead to shave any areas that required it myself. But an upcoming event that requires some dressing up prompted me to consider giving Waxing a try. The thought of it and the anticipated pain were my first barrier but I decided to message Jacqui and make an appointment. To my surprise Jacqui was most approachable and even offered to invite me in to see her salon and to meet her in advance as I was passing the following day which did help to ease some of my trepidation. The following morning, I arrived for my session, and I needn’t have worried because within a few minutes Jacqui had me totally at ease with her friendly and straightforward approach. The fact that I was totally naked on a bed in a strange position with a total stranger waxing my backside completely forgotten. My embarrassment and the anticipated pain did not materialise as I found the warm wax pleasurable and the removal process almost painless mainly down to the high-quality wax products used and Jacqui’s skill in administering them. And even when it came time to turn over and things got more personal down below Jacqui just remained professional and carried on regardless even though my previous shaving attempts had left her little hair to wax exceptional results were produced. All this whilst engaging in great conversation and quite a few laughs a really pleasurable experience so now I will be discarding the shaver and definitely be back again.

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