Intimate Waxing

The Lady Garden - neat, groomed and pretty.

We use Kim Lawless  hot wax for all intimate waxing...a lower melting point means it will feel a lot cooler 'in the garden'

This beautiful wax adheres only to the hair and NOT to the skin - so no trauma!

It is a superior, technically advanced, flexible hot wax which works by shrink-wrapping each hair. This ensures every root is removed with each hair. So no broken hairs. Ever.

We do not double-dip our spatulas.

Before you arrive, here are a few things you need to know:

No need to be nervous when coming for your intimate wax, you are in the safest hands in Hampshire :-) We will take care of you and make your experience as comfortable and quick as possible.

After we have become acquainted, you will be asked to remove all clothing and underwear from the waist down.

We respectfully ask you to come to us smelling as sweet as a flower.

Now to the big question - will you have to go on all fours? Yes. This is the quickest and least painful position to remove hair from around the back...I promise we will put you at ease and make it as dignified as possible.

Please don't trim your lady-garden, leave that to us - too short and we will be unable to carry out the treatment. Ideally, hair needs to be left for four weeks from shaving.

You will probably not get your smoothest wax until wax number 3 or 4. It can take this long for the hair to regulate its pattern of growth. 

Some of our lovely ladies find that taking a couple of painkillers 20 minutes before coming for their treatment helps to take the discomfort out of the hair-removal process.

We are happy to wax you at any time of the month, but please be aware for some ladies THAT time of the month can lower your pain threshold.


For 24 hours after your wax please avoid hot baths and showers; saunas, sunshine and sun-beds; spray tans; swimming pools; the gym/ sport; tight clothing.


Unsightly and unwanted :-)

Exfoliate 2 days after waxing using an exfoliating wash cloth and liquid soap and continue to exfoliate a couple of times a week.

If you are too much of an exfoliating ruffian you can actually cause ingrown hairs - be gentle, you are not scrubbing a mat :-)

If you are still suffering, we sell a great product which will take care of the problem.

Treatment Price
Basic Bikini, as an add-on treatment only

Removes hair from the crease of the leg ... nice and easy ;-)

Basic Bikini Plus

Removes hair from crease of leg and across the top of the bikini area ... still nice and easy

Inbetweeni Bikini

Removes hair from crease of leg going down towards butt cheeks, across the top of bikini area, and from butt crack ... imagine a very wide triangle


A line of hair remains over the pubic mound and over the labia, all other hair is removed including butt crack ... getting braver


A thumb-sized strip of hair is left over the pubic mound, all other hair is removed including inside and outside of labia and butt crack ... going for it now


All hair removed from front and back ... going going gone :-)


All hair removed from front and back, buttocks and very top of thighs ... imagine Kylie's hotpants ;-)

Butt Cheeks, as an add-on treatment only
Butt Crack, as an add-on treatment only
Butt Cheeks and Crack
Opening Hours
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